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Our branch locator is the easiest and quickest way to find your nearest branch. Please be aware that we buy cars by appointment only so be sure to get a car valuation and book an appointment before travelling to avoid disappointment. It may not be possible to buy your car if you do not make an appointment.

We always carry out an on-site evaluation of any vehicle before we offer to purchase it. If we consider that its value is affected by any aspect of its history or condition, including any unusual features or customisation, which was not apparent to us when we gave the online offer, the price that we offer for the vehicle may differ from the online valuation. Due to unstable market conditions if there is a change in the market value of your car resulting in a reduced valuation so that we don't waste your time, we endeavour to let you know what the new valuation is at least 24 hours before your appointment, so that you have the opportunity to cancel. We do not charge any administration fee's, and if you decide to sell your car to us our standard payment method is BACS transfer which takes upto 4 working days after the day of sale to arrive at your bank account. For an additional fee of 35.00 we may provide you with the option of receiving payment via next working day.